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How to get a good mix of healthy snacks in single box

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Nickel’s Food Grab “n” Go Assorted Snack packs a good dose of healthy snacks

A must-have for every household and office snack space. It is simply a pack of healthy snacks with something for everybody. The 1oz snack bags carry enough content to quench your hunger and buy you the time needed until mealtime. I call them healthy little bags with a foundation of plantain. Grab n Go snack pack also offers mini cookies and healthy candy made from coconut and honey.

Since most of us reach for anything edible when we are between meals, what is better than a cabinet full of healthy little bags of snacks with zero to just 1% cholesterol, there is something for everyone. Most dieticians would say, many times, it is not what we eat but the size of the meal or snack we munch on. These 1oz bags are the perfect size to quench hunger without torturing your soul about the health consequences.

Honey coconut candy is a top seller; it is a simple and creative candy made with diced coconut, cooked in raw honey, and is a healthy choice compared to most candies in the market. It is a tasty choice for many people, including those with the diabetic condition if eaten in small quantities. Honey coconut candy is hard on the outside and to the touch but very delicious and chewy with the bite. You can taste the honey as it breaks down the coconut in your mouth. This one is my favorite.

Chocolate-coated plantain is one of the innovative snacks; chocolate and plantain lovers will get an experience worthy of the decadent taste of sweet plantain combined with the rich taste of chocolate, delivered in 2 flavors: dark chocolate and milk chocolate. When you bite into the snack, you get the unmistakable rich and soft taste of chocolate then the crunch of sweet plantain shattering in your mouth is simply irresistible as the sweet and rich taste combine to give you the “oh… my… my…experience.” I am not sure I have given a true sense of the delectable taste of this snack. It's a must-try snack bag for everyone.

The diced but slightly salted plantain chips bring a familiar experience with a different taste. Crunchy, sweet, and mixed with salty pleasure, an alternative for drink lovers allergic to peanuts; the diced crunchy saltiness helps you create a personal relationship with the snack. Grab a handful of the tiny, diced plantain chips and throw them in the mouth, piece by piece, just like a playful 6-year-old, and the bond with diced salty plantain chips is formed. If you are already a plantain lover, look no further, Nickels snacks and chips come in 1 oz, 3.5 oz, and 7 oz bags.

The snacks are naturally sweetened, with no additives or other preservatives added.

Creating good healthy snacks is a priority for us at Nickels food; that is why we use sunflower oil for our plantain chips and Chin-Chin. Well-cooked to a crisp; and de-oiled for a zero cholesterol, low carb, tasty snack. Plantains offer both vitamins A and C, with low sodium. Chin-Chin is a Nigerian bakery, delectable, made from flour, sugar, egg, milk, butter, and cinnamon or nutmeg. It is crunchy and breaks up in your mouth with its buttery taste. Once you taste it, you can't drop it. You will be counting these.

All Nickels snacks come in resealable, reusable, and recyclable bags. Nickels Food embraces a sustainable program for its packaging materials and shipping boxes.

Grab n Go snack packs are just 1oz bags available at checkout counters for just $.99 or in family pack of 30..


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