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What’s not to love? Slightly Salted Diced Sweet Plantain Chips, Healthy and Delicious

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Plantains are a popular food or snack in the world and some places like central and south America, Africa, and Asia. It is a daily staple served with just about every meal. If you have ever heard of the Nigeria Jollof rice, this meal is never complete without fried plantain. The same plantain is sliced thinly as chips for snacks, grilled as a meal, or thinly sliced and wrapped around vegetables for a delicious veggie meal. Sweet Plantain chips are a common type of plantain snack.

Plantain chips popularity is growing fast in North America as domestic food companies start to produce Plantain chips under relatable brand names. The fascination with plantain chips continues to grow due to the increasing minority population in the US from the markets described above. Previously not a regular item on store shelves, plantain chips can now be found in most retail stores, whether in a local store, a grocery store, or a gas station; customers are buying them off the shelves. Interestingly not as an alternative to potato chips but as a complement to potato chips.

The attraction to plantain chips is simple; the nutritional value is one reason many people like them, especially unsweetened plantain chips, and many people love sweet plantain chips for their natural sweetness, which stands in contrast to potato chips. It is easy to understand why the consumption of sweet plantain chips is on the rise or will continue from sugar and sweet-loving Americans.

Slightly Salted, Sweet, Diced Plantain chips

Now comes salted, diced sweet, plantain chips. A new variety of plantain chips produced by Nickels Food. Sweet but salty, delivering a combination punch that is irresistible to many consumers. The diced plantain gives it an unusual crispy crunchiness. The diced plantain creates a personal experience for many consumers, unlike any other form of chips on the market. Usually, you will grab a handful of these tiny, diced plantain chips and throw them in your mouth at intervals, just as you would popcorn or peanuts (a great alternative to peanuts if you are allergic). You begin to bond with the snack in your hand. The saltiness and sweetness of plantain with an unrivaled crunchiness almost make Salty, diced, sweet plantain an irresistible snack option. I have had friends use the word addictive. It provides you the same health benefits you get from regular plantain chips, including Vitamin A and C and a lot less Sodium than potato chips.

If you are a plantain chip lover or have had plantain chips in the past, this would be a good option to try, it will leave you wanting more, and if you have never had plantain chips before, this will be a good way to start, my only advise is not to get addicted. It's quite a delicious snack.

Nickel's plantain chips and slightly salted diced plantain cooked in Sunflower oil as the healthy choice for consumers.

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