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Nickle’s Chocolate Coated Sweet Plantain chips are made from fresh plantain fried in sunflower oil as a healthy choice. Plantain chips coated with chocolate for a deep delicious crunchy bite that leaves you craving for more. This gluten-free snack is made with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or additives. Our plantain chips are 100% natural, we believe the less you add the more you  taste. These plantain chips are a great alternative to potato chips, because of their amazing crunchy bites. Simple ingredients and simply delicious. Fresh plantain fried in sunflower oil to a delicious crunchy taste. Our sweet taste plantain chips pack is great for a busy lifestyle, at work, kids' lunch snacks, and much more. We provide reusable quality zip bags for long lasting all-natural taste. Note: Product expiry is on the packaging (270 days) Here are some of its specifications: Fried in sunflower oil. Gluten-free, No preservatives or additives, No artificial flavors. Go ahead get bag and open the pack of our chocolate-coated plantain chips for a taste so deep delicious with a crunchy bite, it will leave you wanting more!

We are committed to offering snacks that is tasty and crunchy like never before. Our goal is to add healthy delicious snack to your daily routine.

Chocolate Coated Plantain Chips